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IFSO-APC was founded in September/October 2008 and had its constitution passed by the Executive and Council at the meeting in Argentina.

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IFSO APC Executive Officers

  • Kazu Kasama Member at Large/President elect

  • Harry Frydenberg Founding President

  • Lilian Kow Immediate Past President

  • Wei Jee Lee Past President

  • Pradeep Chowbey Senior Past President

  • Dr. Ahmad Aly

    Ahmad Aly Australia / ANZMOSS

  • Wang Cun-Chuan China / CSMBS

  • Dr. Simon KH Wong

    Simon KH Wong Hong Kong / HKSMBS

  • Dr. Arun Prasad

    Arun Prasad India / OSSI

  • Dr. Hisahiro Matsubara

    Hisahiro Matsubara Japan / JSTO

  • Joo Ho Lee Korea / KSMBS

  • Nik Ritza Kozai Malaysia / MMBSS

  • Dr. Edward Oliveros

    Edward Oliveros Philippines / PSMBS

  • Dr. Jaideepraj Rao

    Jaideepraj Rao Singapore / OMSSS

  • Weu Wang Taiwan / TSMBS

  • Ken Loi Treasurer

  • Asim Shabbir Secretary

  • Mrs. Manuela Mazzarella

    Manuela Mazzarella IFSO APC Secretariat

Obesity: A Disease

Obesity is emerging as a health epidemic around the world. According to the centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity is rapidly spreading across all regions and demographic groups.

Papers Published

Bariatric Surgery in India Evidence Summary Tool

Bariatric Surgery in India Evidence Summary Tool

In The News

IFSO-APC Constitution

IFSO APC is an integral part of IFSO, acting in alignment with its bylaws and other official


Upcoming Events

23rd WORLD CONGRESS Look Forward to Welcome you in Dubai
September 26th to 29th 2018


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Manuela Mazzarella
IFSO Chief Operating Officer
Rione Sirignano, 5
80121 Naples – Italy

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