Are you a candidate for bariatric surgery - Selection criteria

IFSO-APC Consensus Statements 2011

  • Bariatric surgery should be considered for the treatment of obesity for acceptable Asian candidates with BMI≥35 with or without co-morbidities.
  • Bariatric/GI metabolic surgery should be considered for the treatment of T2DM or metabolic syndrome for patients who are inadequately controlled by lifestyle alternations and medical treatment for acceptable Asian candidates with BMI≥30.
  • The surgical approach may be considered as a non-primary alternative to treat inadequately controlled T2DM, or metabolic syndrome, for suitable Asian candidates with BMI≥27.5.
  • Any surgery for T2DM, or metabolic syndrome, for Asian patients with a BMI≤27.5 should be strictly performed only under clinical study protocol with an informed consent from the patient and prior approval from the ethics committee.
  • IFSO-APC generally recommends procedures below for bariatric/GI metabolic surgery for Asian, currently –Gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding, BPD/DS.
  • Although novel GI surgical procedures show promising results for Asians other than the four mentioned previously, these should currently be used only in the context of IRB approval.
  • Bariatric/GI metabolic surgery is generally recommended or patients within the ages of >18 and < 65. Under special circumstances, in consideration with a physician or a pediatrician, bariatric/GI metabolic surgery may be used in elderly or adolescent patients.
  • All surgeons who perform bariatric/GI metabolic surgery are properly credentialed and provide a quality bariatric surgical service in accordance with both the required level of skill and experience and the capability of the health service.
  • Surgical treatment of obesity and metabolic disorder needs a multidisciplinary approach with a team, which includes surgeons, physicians, psychiatrists, dieticians, counselors, and others as needed.
  • Clinical study should be organized by highly experienced bariatric surgeons, with experience in over 100 cases of bariatric surgery.
  • This IFSO-APC consensus shows respect for the statements and guidelines of individual societies in Asia- Pacific countries. It does not deny the statement andguideline of each society.

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Manuela Mazzarella
IFSO Chief Operating Officer
Rione Sirignano, 5
80121 Naples – Italy

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