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A 4-tier Protocolized Radiological Classification System for Leaks Following Sleeve Gastrectomy. Y Johari, W Catchlove, M Tse, K Shaw, E Paul, R Chen, D Loh, A Packiyanathan, P Burton, P Nottle, S Ellis, W Brown Ann Surg 33470630
Letter to Editor Regarding Effects of a 12-Week Transtheoretical Model-Based Exercise Training Program in Chinese Post-Operative Bariatric Patients: a Randomized Controlled Trial. Nataraj M Obes Surg 34478027
Healthcare resource utilisation and predictors for critical care unit admissions after primary bariatric surgery in an Australian public hospital setting: an exploratory study using a mixed-methods approach. Q Xia, JA Campbell, L Si, H Ahmad, B de Graaff, K Ratcliffe, J Turtle, J Marrone, A Kuzminov, AJ Palmer Aust Health Rev 34711303
Intragastric Balloon as Bridging Therapy Prior to Bariatric Surgery for Patients with Severe Obesity (BMI ≥ 50 kg/m 2): a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Jing Hong Loo, Yao Hui Lim, Hwee Ling Seah, Andrew Zhi Quan Chong, Kon Voi Tay Obes Surg 34787766
6M50LSG Scoring System Increased the Proportion of Adequate Excess Body Weight Loss for Suspected Poor Responders After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in Asian Population. Chen JH, Lee HM, Chen CY, Chen YC, Lin CC, Su CY, Tsai CF, Tu WL Obes Surg 34817795
Hypothesis: Bolus jejunal feeding via an enteral feeding tube simulates key features of gastric bypass to initiate similar clinical benefits. EO Beale, M Horowitz Nutrition 34920411
Initial radiologic appearance rather than management strategy predicts the outcomes of sleeve gastrectomy leaks. W Catchlove, Y Johari, E Forrest, A Au, K Shaw, P Nottle, S Ellis, WA Brown, P Burton Surg Obes Relat Dis 34952796
Serum microRNA panels predict bariatric surgery outcomes. Yeh JK, Chen CC, Liu KH, Peng CC, Lin TA, Chang YS, Wen MS, Yeh TS, Wang CY Obesity (Silver Spring) 35088552
An innovative endoscopic management strategy for postoperative fistula after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. Fang H, Yao T, Chen Y, Lu Y, Xiong K, Su Y, Zhang Y, Wang Y, Zhang L Surg Endosc 35102432
The Protective Effect of Transit Bipartition and Its Modification Against Sleeve Gastrectomy-Related Esophagitis in a Rodent Model. Wang M, Widjaja J, Dolo PR, Yao L, Hong J, Zhu X Obes Surg 35103916
The non-linear relationship between muscle mass and BMI calls into question the use of BMI as a major criterion for eligibility for bariatric surgery. Liu J, Tsilingiris D, Dalamaga M Metabol Open 35118366
Efficacy and safety of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy with 12+ months of adjuvant multidisciplinary support. P Carr, T Keighley, P Petocz, M Blumfield, GG Rich, F Cohen, A Soni, IR Maimone, F Fayet-moore, E Isenring, S Marshall BMC Prim Care 35123409
Weight Loss After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Ameliorates the Cardiac Remodeling in Obese Chinese. Meng W, Peng R, Du L, Zheng Y, Liu D, Qu S, Xu Y, Zhang Y Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) 35126313
Acute Exacerbation of Anemia with Parvovirus B19 Infection One Year after Sleeve Gastrectomy for Severe Obesity. "Shinzawa T, Usui I, Hanawa K, Kajitani H, Sakurai S, Tomaru T, Iijima T, Jojima T, Kojima K, Aso Y" Intern Med 35135915
Behaviour change theories and techniques used to inform nutrition interventions for adults undergoing bariatric surgery: A systematic review. C Wright, A Barnett, KL Campbell, JT Kelly, K Hamilton Nutr Diet 35137502
Development of a New Index Based on Preoperative Serum Lipocalin 2 to Predict Post-LSG Weight Reduction. Li N, Xu B, Zeng J, Lei S, Gu L, Feng L, Zhu B, Huang Y, Wang L, Su L, Qu S, Cheng X, Bu L Obes Surg 35138515
Comment on: Effect of bariatric surgery versus medical therapy on long-term cardiovascular risk in low BMI Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes: a propensity score-matched analysis. Gagner M Surg Obes Relat Dis 35140052
Bariatric Surgery Does Not Improve Semen Quality: Evidence from a Meta-analysis. Gao Z, Liang Y, Yang S, Zhang T, Gong Z, Li M, Yang J Obes Surg 35143010
Ultrasound-Guided Superior Laryngeal Nerve Block Facilitates Anesthesia Management in Bariatric Surgery. Sun J, Zhang E, Chen X, Gao W J Emerg Med 35168852
Nomogram for Predicting 5-Year Diabetes Remission After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery in Chinese Patients with Obesity. Pan Y, Han X, Kam H, Tu Y, Han J, Zhang P, Bao Y, Yu H Obes Surg 35178616
Liver Injury and Acute Liver Failure After Bariatric Surgery: An Overview of Potential Injury Mechanisms. Moolenaar LR, de Waard NE, Heger M, de Haan LR, Slootmaekers CPJ, Nijboer WN, Tushuizen ME, van Golen RF J Clin Gastroenterol 35180151
Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for morbid obesity improves gut microbiota balance, increases colonic mucosal-associated invariant T cells and decreases circulating regulatory T cells. Fukuda N, Ojima T, Hayata K, Katsuda M, Kitadani J, Takeuchi A, Goda T, Ueda Y, Iwakura H, Nishi M, Yamaue H Surg Endosc 35182212
Contribution of glycemic variability to hypoglycemia, and a new marker for diabetes remission after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. Lu J, Pan Y, Tu Y, Zhang P, Zhou J, Yu H Surg Obes Relat Dis 35190269
Correction to: Bariatric Surgery Does Not Improve Semen Quality: Evidence from a Meta-analysis. Gao Z, Liang Y, Yang S, Zhang T, Gong Z, Li M, Yang J Obes Surg 35192133
Intravenous Arginine Administration Attenuates the Inflammatory Response and Improves Metabolic Profiles in Diet-Induced Obese Mice after Sleeve Gastrectomy. Chen YL, Lin MT, Wang WH, Yeh SL, Yeh CL Metabolites 35208227
The Impact of Telephone-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Mental Health Distress and Disordered Eating Among Bariatric Surgery Patients During COVID-19: Preliminary Results from a Multisite Randomized Controlled Trial. Sockalingam S, Leung SE, Ma C, Hawa R, Wnuk S, Dash S, Jackson T, Cassin SE Obes Surg 35218006
Once in a Bile - the Incidence of Bile Reflux Post-Bariatric Surgery. TA Eldredge, M Bills, YY Ting, M Dimitri, MM Watson, MC Harris, JC Myers, DL Barthoilomeusz, GK Kiroff, J Shenfine Obes Surg 35226339
Probiotics for gallstones prevention in bariatric surgery patients: A prospective randomized trial. Han ML, Lee MH, Lee WJ, Chen SC, Almalki OM, Chen JC, Wu CC Asian J Surg 35232647
Fibroblast Growth Factor 19 and Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 Regulation in Obese Diabetics, and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease after Gastric Bypass. Guo JY, Chen HH, Lee WJ, Chen SC, Lee SD, Chen CY Nutrients 35277004
Gut microbiota and related metabolites in the pathogenesis of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and its resolution after bariatric surgery. Martínez-Montoro JI, Kuchay MS, Balaguer-Román A, Martínez-Sánchez MA, Frutos MD, Fernández-García JC, Ramos-Molina B Obes Rev 34729904 
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